Pokemon Go at Uni?!


So i went to Uni today and you would not believe what my teacher told me! We are playing Pokemon Go as apart of our unit! Now it is not marked but i cannot believe how much this game has already started to change our everyday life.

When this game first came out i downloaded it straight away, you know me being a major Pokemon fan. At first i thought oh yeah this is going to make people run, maybe make Pokemon popular again. But i never imagined i would be playing Pokemon as part of my education! I mean this game is every where and is becoming apart of everything. You can’t go shopping anymore without needing to quickly jump on and check for Pokestops. I mean i literally ran out the door at the ungodly hour of  1:30 am yesterday just to find a damn Dragonite that was spotted in my area. This game is taking over our lives! well i’m not complaining i’m loving it!

Since this game is blowing up i thought i might share with you a few simple tips i have learn’t through my quest to become a Pokemon Master!

  1. If you have the chance to use a Pokestop, USE IT!There is nothing worse than coming across a Squirtle and not having any Pokeballs! Yes this happened to me and no it’s still to soon to joke about it 😦
  2. When searching for a particular Pokemon using the nearby menu, select the Pokemon and the box will start to pulse when you are in the right direction. I did not know this until literally last night!
  3. If you want to level up quickly, make use of your lucky eggs! I stockpile my Pokemon and only evolve them while i’m using my lucky eggs, now you have a reason to catch all them Pidgeys!

Well i hope these help on your quest to become a Pokemon master and help you catch them all! Happy hunting  xx


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