My Anime Boyfriend?!


So i have a confession…… recently I have been playing the otome mobile app, Mystic Messenger and i absolutely love it!

Image result for mystic messenger

The game is surprisingly addicting and i can’t seem to put it down! Basically its an app within and app. You join this secret chat room and become apart of a fundraising party planning group filled with gorgeous animated men for you to flirt and befriend. You are able to message, call and chat with these sexy characters in real time! What sets this game apart from other otome mobile games is the real time chat features. The way this game is structured makes for a truly immersive experience. I mean have you ever wanted to talk to cute anime boys! Well this game is exactly that. The messaging and call features although fake makes you feel like you are talking to real life people.

What i found most impressive was that the characters didn’t just interact with you but they also interact with each other creating a sense of a real world experience.

Another cool feature of this game is that they actually send you pictures of themselves!!! Yes you read right! They send you selfies and pictures of the food they eat, just like an actual human friend. This feature adds to immersive experience. This game truly makes you feel like these people are real and interacting with you. 

Overall this is an amazing game! It’s interactive! It’s fun! and It’s sexy! I give this game 3 hearts out of 5!!!



If you want to give Mystic Messenger a try you can download it from the android and apple app stores. The game is free so it’s worth a try if you love anime bishies!


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