My Everyday Beauty Essentials


As a university student my life can get pretty busy, having to juggle school, work, all the adult responsibilities, as well as maintaining a social life. It can often leave me with very little hours in the day. Because of this i like to keep my makeup routine as simple, easy and inexpensive as possible (We all know that uni budget is tight). I also don’t like owning to many products as i find they tend to build up and create unwanted clutter. So here are my everyday essentials that keep me looking awake and happy, even when i’m half asleep and hating the world.

  1. BB cream: To start my makeup i like to use a BB cream. The one i am currently using is the Rimmel London BB cream in radiance.Unlike a regular foundation a BB cream moisturizes, primes, conceals, protects, as well as provides a decent coverage. By using a BB cream you can do 5 steps in 1! Saving you time as well as money. Although i do find that with the Rimmel London BB cream particularly in radiance it is more suited to oily skin, so if you are like me so apply a moisturizer first. 
  2. Contour: After putting on BB cream i like to contour. This helps to make me appear more awake, healthy as well as makes me feel slimmer on those bloated days. I love the Models Prefer  powdered contour palette.
  3.  Blush: I find that a little bit of blush brightens and wakes up my face. It adds color and dimension to your face. It can create a youthful and glowing complexion. I use Benefits Hervana.
  4. Brushes: I used to own a million different makeup brushes, but after i bought the ecotools mini travel brush set, they replaced every single brush in my collection. These brushes are amazing. They have super soft bristles that help to blend and apply your makeup. They are also 100% cruelty free and made from recycled aluminum and renewable bamboo. They are super cheap to!
  5. Mascara: The only thing i like to do to my eyes is simply curl my lashes and apply a little mascara. Personally i don’t like to apply eyeliner or eye shadow as part of my everyday routine. But i find that by curling your eyelashes and applying mascara can really help open up your eyes and help you to appear awake.
  6. Lip balm: To finish my face i just apply a nourishing lip balm or ointment. A paw paw ointment is good because it is extremely nourishing and gives the lips a nice sheen.i have been using the Paw Paw ointment in vanilla from Kmart.
 After the lip balm i am done, easy as that. With these products it usually only takes 10 minutes to put on my face. The trick is to keep it simple while also using products that have multiple uses. Good luck on simplifying your routine and saving time in your day!
Oh by the way if you want to see more beauty favorites head over to Grace & Coy, next week we are doing a collab can you guess what it is?? I’ll give you a hint it involves a button up shirt.      
  -Sincerely Remi xoxo

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