Lulu’s magical cupcakes!


So recently i have been playing League of Legends……. Yes i said it! and even though it’s that game where people call you stupid or bronze every second or just plain feed, but it’s fun non the less. So i decided that i would make something inspired by the game inspired!

And with Halloween just around the corner i thought that Lulu’s cupcakes from her bittersweet skin.

To make these little cuties i took a regular cake mix and baked according to the box, i chose to use chocolate. Then once cooked i made the a buttercream icing using 90g of softened butter, 2 tablespoons of milk, 1 cup of icing sugar and a few drops of pink food coloring. I mixed all of this together with a electric mixer until combined and fluffy.

Next i took a handful of white fondant and split this into 3 parts. Next i added color to each one. You will need red, black and you can leave one section white. To work incorporate the color, you take a few drops and start kneading it into the fondant until completely colored. Do this for both the red and the black sections.

Now you want to ice your cupcakes! Take a round icing tip and ice the cupcakes with the buttercream icing. Once iced smooth out the surface.

Now to work on the details. Take 2 small chunks of white fondant and form the base of the eyes. Take the black fondant and roll 2 pieces into small balls, these will be the pupils. Push gently to place the black fondant balls into the top inner corners of the eye base.  Place the eyes onto the cupcake in the desired position. Now you want to roll out a small piece of black fondant and place on your cupcake to create your desired mouth. I made mine to create a sad face.

To make the cherry on the top, take a small ball of red fondant and simply roll into a ball and place on top. To finish take some sprinkles and cover the back half of the cupcake.

And that is it now you should have your Lulu cupcakes. They are almost to cute to eat!

 -Happy baking xox



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