The Simple Button up Shirt my way!


Ever want to dive into an anime and become your favourite characters? Or how about bring their style into your everyday life? Well i might just have the thing for you it’s called casual cosplay.

Casual cosplay is when you wear an outfit that resembles or is inspired by your favourite anime, game or even comic. You can do this to any extreme you wish. for example you can create an outfit that completely resembles that of your chosen character with all the bells and whistles, or you can simply pair an outfit with similar colors and accessories. With casual cosplay the sky is the limit!

So when my sister asked me to do a collaboration with her in creating outfits with a button up shirt i thought why not show you how i style a button up, but with a casual cosplay twist.

So here are three anime inspired looks using the Dannii Minogue Petites Tailored Shirt from Target ($25).

1: The Butler


For this first outfit i decided to channel Sebastian from Black Butler.  Sebastian is the sexy and loyal demon butler that serves Ciel in the anime Black Butler. He is tall, well put together and makes amazing curry buns, did i mention he is the best kick ass butler ever! Sebastian is often only seen wearing his butler uniform which consists of a white shirt, a butlers suit as well as a simple black tie. So for this look i paired the button up with a pair of tight witchery black pants and a vintage over sized navy blazer. Although Sebastian’s uniform has a more fitted jacket i felt like an over sized blazer bought a modern touch to it. I threw on a pair of grey ankle boots from Zu shoes and finished the look  with a black ribbon to act as a tie. I find a simple black ribbon adds the cutest touch to this look whilst still bringing in an element of Sebastian’s sophistication.

2: The School Girl


This next look is a look you can use for any anime school girl, all  with just very little variation! I chose to channel the cute and fiery Taiga from the anime Toradora. Taiga is an adorable little hot head and i couldn’t turn down an opportunity to channel her wild spirit. Taiga’s school uniform consists of a white button up shirt, a red blazer, a navy blue skirt and of course knee high socks and a black ribbon. So for this inspired look i paired the shirt with a red Zara knitted jumper in place of her blazer and a loose pair of shorts instead of a skirt. Of course i wore my favourite Zu booties, a black ribbon and a faux leather bag with gold details simply because it is cute and well its a school uniform. In this look i chose to exclude the knee high socks to show that an outfit doesn’t need to be accurate. With casual cosplay the sky is the limit.

3: The Gunner


This outfit is loosely inspired by Gilbert Nightray from Pandora hearts. Gilbert is the best friend and loyal servant to the main protagonist OZ. He is a good cook and absolutely terrified of cats. Gilbert has a cold and reserved look and is often very harsh to many of the other characters. For this look i paired the white shirt with my all time favorite Sportsgirl hat as well as these worn in comfy black skinny jeans from Forever New. Although Gilbert often wears a black trench coat i decided to put on a black Gorman faux leather jacket. I did this as i felt the black leather helped to portray his cold personality better and it is also a much trendier piece. To finish the look i paired the outfit with my black faux leather backpack and of course those grey booties from Zu shoes.

For more styled pieces you should head over to my sisters blog Grace & Coy where she shows you how she would style a simple button-up t.

I hope you enjoyed this post and just remember, casual cosplay can be done by anyone, anywhere and of anyone.

Thank you xox 


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