Halloween Banaza! Week 1: Umaru-chan


Well it’s October again, which for me is the best and yet most confusing month of the year. Why? you ask. Well here in Australia it is spring, the weather starts to heat up and the flowers start to bloom (not to mention the hay fever kicking in)  and yet, for some reason everywhere i look i am bombarded by pumpkin spice lattes and fall themed Halloween decorations! It honestly makes no sense, i mean it’s spring for christ sake! Oh well at least its the month for all things creepy and strange and has my favorite night of the year. Halloween.  So for this glorious and strange month i will be creating and teaching you how to make a few of my favorite costumes, lets call this month Halloween Bananza! For this weeks costume i made Umaru-chan from the cute and hilarious anime Himouto! Umaru-chan.img_1410

Outside Umaru-chan is the perfect high school girl. She is cute, sweet and good at everything she does. But when Umaru-chan gets home and puts on her hamster hood, she turns into a short, lazy, junk food eating otaku. She is basically every anime fan ever!  And if you haven’t seen Himouto! Umaru-chan yet, then crawl out from under that rock and watch it! i promise it’s worth it.

To make this costume all you need is:

  • 1 1/2 meters of orange fleece
  • white and black felt
  • black embroidery thread or some thin black wool
  • a button
  • needle and thread
  • and for a no sew version hot glue and/or iron on adhesive
  • A white long sleeve t-shirt and a pair of hot pink leggings

To make the hamster hood i loosely followed a tutorial by AmiYoshio on Youtube. However for the facial details i used black embroidery thread to sew on the white details as well as create the eyes, nose and whiskers, i personally liked the way it looked better. Also if you do not have a sewing machine you can sew it by hand using a needle thread. I chose to sew by hand, it was fairly simple and did not take me that long. If you do not have the time to hand sew it or just don’t want to you can also use hot glue or iron on adhesive, they should work just as well. Another thing you can do is you can also use little pieces of Velcro or a pin if you don’t want to sew a button or button hole.

Once your hood is all done all that is left to do is pop on a white long sleeved t-shirt, a pair of hot pink leggings (i got mine from the kids section at Kmart for $4.50)  and grab your favorite game and a big bottle of cola and your done!

Umaru-chan is probably the easiest cosplay i have ever made, and is perfect if you are a beginner or do need something quick, plus it is super cute and practical. I wear the hamster hood to lounge around in at home, i find it much more warm and comfortable than a shaggy robe or jumper.


Come back next week for more Halloween fun, next weeks costume is someone a little crazy for her senpai. hmm i wonder who it could be.

Oh and just a little heads up, i will now be posting twice a week. So you get twice the anime loving each week, every Monday and Thursdays, with every Thursday being Halloween bananza day!

    -Thank you xox


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