Kiss Him, Not Me my new favourite anime?!


So i just watched the first episode of Kiss Him, Not Me (Watashi ga Motete Dousunda) and OMG! I can already tell this is my going to be my new October favorite! I loved it so much i just knew i had to write a post about it. The anime is about high school girl Kae Serinuma who is absolutely obsessed with anime, particularly with boy on boy pairings and secretly ships her classmates. Well when her favorite anime character dies she loses a whole bunch of weight and turns into basically your ideal cute school girl. Well all the boys she secretly ships now turn their attention to her. This anime is absolutely HILARIOUS! i laughed so hard during this first episode i started to tear up, and let me tell you i have not laughed that hard in a while.

So far this anime has ticked all the boxes for me. It is cute, funny and as far as i know has an extremely unique concept. Kae is also an extremely relatable character, i mean we have all rushed into a store to grab a limited edition collectible. For me this anime gives of a cross between a Skip Beat and WataMote vibe in the sense that it is funny while still maintaining it’s slice of life and romance  elements.

In the beginning of the episode i found the art style a little strange for me but the hilarious faces and adorable otaku moments made up for the unfamiliar art style. Gaaahhhh i just can’t wait to see what happens next!


I give this anime 5 hearts out of 5. I know it’s only the first episode but i loved it and i am excited to see what they do with the story. I really recommend checking Kiss Him, Not Me out, especially if your in need of a good laugh.


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