Popin Cookin Expectations vs Reality


A few weeks ago i found myself roaming through my local Asian grocery store, when i stumbled across the holy grail of weeaboo fun. I found a wall full of  Popin Cookin candy sets!!! Gahhhhh, i literally almost wet myself i was so excited to buy and give them all a try! So today i decided why not test out what is probably the most popular candy kit, the Popin Cookin Sushi candy kit.


This kit in 3 words would fun, interesting and disgusting. I put the kit together with my little sister and it was a super fun activity to do together. However my expectations for the candy kit was really high, probably from the hours spent watching youtubers complete them. I expected this kit to be super easy and come out looking like the box. The reality was that the instructions were in Japanese so this kit was very hard to complete. But even after a google search and some english translations thanks to Japanfunbox it still turned out strange. I’m not sure if i put much water or didn’t mix the powder in well enough but the “egg” and “salmon” parts were either soggy or clumpy. Oh and that rice…. was disgusting! It tasted terrible!

The texture of the rice was odd and a little to squishy for my taste and was probably the worst tasting component. Although most of the components were gross, i did like the “seaweed” (probably because i didn’t make it) and the “fish eggs”. The “fish egg” component was actually surprising, even the way you make it is cool. You take a red liquid and drop it into another liquid to make little fish egg balls. When you bite into them they pop like little bubbles.

Overall i feel kind of disappointed by the taste, however it might be because i did something wrong. Who knows, i still have 6 other box kits to try so hopefully i will have better luck next time.

Thank you xox


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