Halloween Bananza! Week 2: Love Me Senpai


For this weeks Halloween Bananza Costume i wanted to show you how to make what is probably one of the most popular game characters of 2016. I wanted to show you how to create Yandere Chan from the popular game Yandere Simulator. Yandere Simulator is a game currently being developed by YandereDev. The game centers around the love sick Yandere chan, who would do anything to make senpai her own. The aim of the game is for Yandere chan to eliminate those whom she considers rivals, even using lethal means to do so.

I had so much fun creating this costume. I set myself the challenge to make this a cheap and easy tutorial, and honestly i did not spend a dime on this costume. I accomplished this by using things i found around my house and using hot glue to secure it all in place. This also only took me 30 min – hour to make.


To make this costume i used things i had already had in my house. I used:

  • an old white t shirt
  • an old navy blue bed sheet or fabric
  • a hot glue gun (you can sew or use iron on adhesive)
  • some old red material scraps
  • little white paint (you can use ribbon)

First using the navy bed linen I created a sailor collar using a guide on ehow. I then hemmed and attached the sailor collar to the white t shirt using a lot of hot glue. You just attach the collar over the original collar of your t shirt, this works best on a v neck. You can sew this or using iron on adhesive i chose to use hot glue, just to test it out and also to make the costume quickly. To complete the collar i used some white paint to create the white outline around the edges, you can use some thin white ribbon to do this.

Next you want to take a little red fabric and create the scarf. To do this i measured how long i wanted the scarf to be and cut out that length in red fabric making sure to have enough to fold in half. I then folded the fabric in half and glued to close off the seems. Don’t forget to leave a small gap to flip the scarf inside out. Once it is flipped inside out you can close up the hole with some more glue.

Now you want to take some scrap navy blue fabric and create the thingy (best describing word lol) that holds the scarf together. I just cut a small rectangle and folded it in half and glued one side to create a cylinder shape. I secured this to the shirt with a little glue.

And that’s it! to complete the look Throw on a navy blue skirt, some black knee high socks and some black canvas shoes and your ready to knock out the competition and win senpai’s heart.

You can wear this costume as is for a cute yandere chan or, for that creepy Halloween touch splatter some fake blood all over yourself, grab a fake knife (please use a fake knife, safety first people!) and a love letter and your good to go.

Tune in Monday to see how i made all the props i used for this costume 🙂

Remi xox


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