Yandere-chan’s Formidable Props


Just like in your everyday outfits the accessories you wear can make or break your cosplay. Any cosplayer will tell you that a good prop can take your costume to the next level. However these props can cost hundreds to buy and even make. And props such as swords and knives might not  be suitable for events with lots of people around. So when making my  Yandere-chan costume, i decided that the costume alone wasn’t enough to complete the overall cosplay. I needed props. Yandere-chan is often pictured with a knife and a love letter. The love letter is harmless enough, but i’m sure no one wants to be running around on Halloween or a convention with a sharp and dangerous knife. So i decided to make my own and spend nothing while doing so. You can make your own to, from things you probably already have lying around. Here’s how:


To make Yandere-chans knife you will need:

  • Cardboard
  • A piece of plain paper
  • Scissors
  • White and Black acrylic paint
  • Hot glue gun
  • A glue stick
  • An old knife handle (You can make your own from some scrap wood)
  • And some PVA glue (optional)

To make the Knife you want to sketch out a basic knife blade shape on a plain piece of paper. Or you can download and print a template from google. Once you have your template you need to cut it out and trace the template twice on the cardboard.

Next you want to cut out the cardboard and glue the two pieces together to form your blade. If you are using an old knife handle with a slant like i did then you may need to measure the slant against the blade and cut odd the excess.

Now you need to hot glue the blade and the handle together making sure to be careful cause that glue can get extremely hot and it can and will hurt you. You may need to glue around the connection a few times just to make sure it is secure. If you want a flawless look you can smooth out the hot glue with a little bit of excess cardboard. Once dry you can paint!

Mix the a little black paint with a little white paint to make grey and paint your blade. To create some dimension add a little more black paint to the grey to darken it and run it along the bottom, where a normal blade would be beveled. Take some black paint and cover your hot glue seems at the bottom.

This is optional but to protect your paint you can coat the cardboard blade in some PVA glue. This will act as a barrier as well as a sealant. Once everything is dry, you are done!

An quick and easy cosplay prop that doesn’t hurt that bank or anyone else. Now onto the Love letter!img_1632

To make Yandere chans Love letter you will need:

  • A4 White paper
  • Scissors
  • A pink Sharpie
  • Some glue

Take your paper and fold over one corner to align the sides, It should look like a triangle with a rectangle at the bottom. You want to cut off that rectangle and you should be left with a square. Keep the rectangle to be used later.


Turn your square so it resembles a diamond. Take the 2 corners and fold them in until they meet the center fold line. You now want to take the bottom corner and fold it slightly past the other two corners you previously folded. Glue these 3 corners down.

Now you can fold your last corner just like you did for the bottom corner and glue to secure.


Take the rectangle you previously cut off and using the pink marker draw and color in a heart. Cut it out and paste onto your envelope. And it’s done ready to send to senpai, or maybe to lure away a rival. Mwahaha!

#Tip: Use a thicker paper or a thick poster paper if you want a stiffer less flimsy letter.

Head over to my Youtube channel to see how to make edible fake blood with only 4 ingredients! And the best thing is you probably already have them in your pantry! It is my first ever video so the footage is a little cringe worthy!

Come back Thursday for another Halloween Bananza costume! Comment bellow and let me know who you want to see for the final 2 weeks!

Remi xox



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