Halloween Bananza Week 3: Batgirl!

batgirl-collageShe may not have any superpowers, but this girl kicks some serious ass! This week I tackled Barbara Gordon otherwise known as Batgirl. If you don’t know who she is you might know her as Oracle in the Batman: Arkham Knight games.

I decided to do this look because it is quick, easy and can be done from things you probably already own. I also have recently fallen in love with Barbara Gordon’s character. I mean she is smart, powerful and has the heart and brave of1 a lion. Plus she fights crime all while looking absolutely fabulous!img_1867

This costume consists of your basics black, black, oh and black. There are so many variations of the Batgirl costume you can do. Throw on a little black dress with the Batgirl accessories or even a pair of black jeans and black turtleneck shirt. This costume can basically look anyway you want it to.

The Batgirl accessories are easy to put together and make. For her utility belt you just need to paint an old belt yellow and paint and stick on a few small cardboard boxes and boom your basic Batgirl utility belt.


For the boots, you can buy a pair of yellow boots or do what i did and paint your own. I took an old pair of black boots that i don’t wear anymore and painted them yellow. Spray on a gloss coat and a sleek pair of costume boots done.

To create the logo you can sketch it yourself or print the logo off the internet. You can stick the logo straight to your shirt with some glue or trace it out of some yellow felt and use that instead. I find that the felt sits a little better over the bust.

For the mask i just painted it on with some makeup but you can create your own with some felt or some foam.

For the Cape i just took an old yellow pillow case and cut it to size. I secured it with some with some white thread. But you could use glue or some safety pins.

Batgirl also a pair of yellow gloves that you should be able to find at any costume store or even a thrift store. Unfortunately i didn’t have enough time to look for a pair.


And that’s it! Your ready to fight crime in the dark Gotham city. Have a friend dress up as Supergirl and you have a cool kick ass couple costume. Come back next Thursday for another quick and simple Halloween costume. Comment down below and let me know who you want to see next week!

– See ya next time Remi xox


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