Halloween Bananza: Last Minute Costumes


With Halloween less than a week away i thought i would show you some quick and easy last minute costume ideas you can put together on the cheap! All you will need is some face paint and a few things you might already own.

For each look start with your basic makeup routine, such as foundation and concealer.


If you watched anime as a kid you probably already know who this is and probably already have the headband. Naruto is a super easy and simple last minute costume. Do your make up like you normally do and add some orange face paint or eye shadow to form a thick cat eye. Then use some eyeliner and draw on those iconic whiskers. Throw on some black joggers and an orange jumper with some black sneakers or sandals and you got yourself an easy Naruto costume.


This next costume is probably my favourite. I love the MMO League of Legends so when I found my Teemo hat recently I just knew I had to do a look for him. For Teemos makeup you use a orangery brown face paint or eye shadow around your  eyes. Then take a black eyeliner and draw on a simple nose. To finish take a black lipstick or even your black eyeliner or face paint and fill in your lips. Throw on some cargo pants with a white crop top, brown vest and a red scarf. Don’t forget the combat boots and BOOM! super quick Teemo costume done.


For the last look i was inspired by the super cute and super evil Snowball in The Secret Life of Pets. This was a super simple look to put together. Add a lot of blush on the apples of your cheeks to give you a sweet innocent look. Next take some white face paint and create an oval starting halfway down the bridge of your nose and ending at your lip line. Then outline the circle with either black face paint or some black eyeliner, then create some whiskers. To finish use some bright pink lipstick to create a cute little button nose  and your done. Pair this look with basically anything cute and white. Some pink fluffy shoes would be super cute for this costume and you have yourself a cute little bunny ready to take over the world!

To actually see how i created these looks check out my new video on my Youtube channel!

See you next time, Remi xox


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