My Dream Boyfriend….. A God?


Since i completed Mystic Messenger i have been in otaku withdraw. To be honest i missed my pocket bishies. So when i heard of My Dream Boyfriend: Astral Days from Two Happy Cats I just knew i had to give it a try! And let me just say it wasn’t that bad. I mean it wasn’t Mystic Messenger but it was pretty okay.


My Dream Boyfriend: Astral Days is a mobile application that allows you to create your dream boyfriend, and I don’t just mean his appearance! But by going on dates you can mold and alter his personality as well. The game allows you to talk, dress, and look after your boyfriend, kind of like a pet. This game definitely brought back some nostalgia as it gave of that super old Tamagotchi vibe. Oh did i mention your Dream hottie is a newbie GOD! Yep that’s right a god, and it is apart of your duty to help train him! I know kind of strange right? But trust me it’s actually really fun, well for the first couple of days at least. You can chat and go on dates with your hottie as well as send him off to work. Kind of misogynistic i mean sending the man off to earn the money??? Hello it’s 2016 why can’t I do the work! But none the less the game is still enjoyable.



To progress with the story line (yes there is one) you need to level up and complete missions. Honestly i found the missions kind of repetitive but they were easy enough to do fairly quickly.

In total i would give this game 2.5 starts out of five. I mean the game was fun but after Mystic Messanger i found it lacking in so many areas.


The game starts of fun and addicting but then it just feels representative and slow. The story line was okay but i found it very stereotypical and dull. compared to Mystic Messangers striking and inclusive story line, My Dream Boyfriend just seemed plain in comparison. Oh and do not  get me started on the missions. The first few days of missions were fine but with the limited amount of things to do in the game, i found that the missions just became repetitive and draining. In my opinion even the seasonal events that the game holds are plain and can be completed by constantly tapping a button. After writing this review i can honestly say that i will be deleting the app. Not because i did not enjoy the game, in the beginning I did. But because in comparison to Mystic Messanger the game just felt incomplete. Although I am deleting the game i do encourage you to check it out, especially if you have some time to kill.

-See ya next time Remi xox




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