My Crazy Adventures at Paxaus……

fotorcreatedFor a few years now I have wanted to go to PaxAus, and each time I have been unable to due to other less exciting commitments. Last year I had exams, the year before that I had a family holiday and the year before that I was really sick. So this year i made sure to clear my calendar and book my tickets months in advance! I was determined to make it and experience the craziness that is PaxAus, and well it was f***ing awesome! I had so much fun and met so many cool and exciting people.

Paxaus was crazy, it wasn’t like anything I had attended before. There were screens and computers everywhere, with lines and ques of people waiting for hours to get a glimpse of the gaming worlds up and coming games. I personally liked the Just Dance 2017 booth, where people could get up on stage and dance really bad while trying to win. And you can bet that I was up on that stage doing the whip and nae nae in front of hundreds of people…. it was very embarrassing but super fun and out of my comfort zone. Oh and did i mention i won! Yep I won, I competed against both my little sister and a few random people and came out victorious winning myself a wait for it…. poster. Yeah was kind of hoping for a better prize as well but oh well what can you do!


There were also many cosplayers, some like myself were in cute and subtle costumes, while others wore crazy armored pieces that looked like they came straight out of the games. My favorite costumes were the ones that were done in lighthearted fun, like the Rubix cube of the bearded star guardian Lux I came across. For Pax I chose to bring out my Yandere-chan cosplay that I made during my Halloween Bananza series. It wasn’t my initial plan but sometimes you just need to improvise!


If i learnt anything from PaxAus, it would be that it is a minimalists nightmare in their! I received so much free swag! There are people literally throwing this stuff at you…. well maybe not throwing it but they are handing it to you very fiercely! I mean i think i made up the $60 from the ticket in free stuff alone. I think i received a few packets of popcorn (my favorite anime binge snack), a snapback hat, a gym bag, a few hundred buttons, a few wristbands, lots of card demo packs oh and my favorite a portal companion box (which i now have no where to put).


If i had to choose one let down of the day, it would be missing the chance to meet Lindsey and Michael Jones from Rooster Teeth. Unfortunately by the time i got to their booth, the line to meet them was already capped 😦 I did see them from a distance so i guess that will just have to do till next time!

In summary my day spent at PaxAus was well pretty amazing! Aside from the huge crowds of people the day couldn’t of gotten any better. PaxAus you will definitely see me next year!


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One thought on “My Crazy Adventures at Paxaus……

  1. “I competed against both my little sister and a few random people” a few random people, RANDOM, PEOPLE. K Remi.

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