DIY Umaru-chan’s Hamster Plushies

Remember when I made my Umaru-chan cosplay? Well i had quite a bit of left over fabric, so i decided to make my very own Hamsaburou and Hamjirou. Hamsaburou and Hamjirou are the Hamsters that are often featured in the anime Himouto! Umaru-chan.

File_000 (7).jpeg

When i first saw these little guys in the anime I almost went to the pet store and bought myself a pair! Now don’t worry common sense prevailed and I didn’t buy any live hamster, but that didn’t mean i could’t make myself a set. So with the left over material and few days of trail and error I was finally able to put together my two new friends who I have named Potato- chan and Dumpling.

Image result for umaru chan's hamsters

To make these little cuties you will need:

  • Orange fleece
  • White and black thread
  • White felt
  • Stuffing
  • and of course a needle

First you will need to print the following templates hamster-template-1 and hamster-template-2.  Once printed cut out the circles labeled Body and Head. Now lay them against the fabric and cut them out. You should end up with 2 circles with one bigger than the other.

Take your needle and white thread and create a running stitch around the edge of the larger circle. Once complete pull the thread to create a small sack. Fill with stuffing and close off the hole to end up with a ball. Repeat on the smaller circle.

Cut out your ear and tail templates and use to cut out the pieces in fabric. To make the ears you will need 4 pieces of the template shape cut out of fleece and for the tail you will just need 2 pieces. With the right sides facing each other sew using a blanket stitch around the edges of the fabric to make 2 ears. Make sure to leave an opening to flip in inside out. Repeat to make the tail.

Now you can sew each piece together. Take the head piece and sew it to one of the ends of the body piece. Then sew on the ears and tail.

Now you can cut out your face pieces out of white felt. Using a blanket stitch and the black thread sew the pieces on to the head. You want to create an embroidered look by sewing completely round the edge of the white felt. It is hard to explain but here is a good Youtube tutorial on embroidering.

Repeat to make the second hamster and your done!

    – Thnx for reading, Cya next time! Remi xox


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