Kiss Him, Not Me….. My Final Thoughts

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Ahhh another anime has come to a close and quite frankly the final Kiss Him, Not Me episode has left me with mixed feelings. You have all probably heard me rave and fan girl about this anime since it’s release back in October, and it was a great anime. It made me happy, made me squeal and of course made me laugh till I my cheeks hurt. However the season finale in my opinion was a major let down.


I feel like they really rushed through content during the finale. By pushing all 5 dates into one episode I found the episode personally very boring compared to the rest of the season. Yes there were many fan girl worthy moments , and every Serinuma pairing was seen ( I personally love her with Matsumi!), however I personally felt that the last episode didn’t quite have the same feeling as the rest of the series.


What drew me most to this anime was it’s ability to make me laugh as well as it’s many funny yet adorable fujoshi moments, which I found the season finale severely lacked. The final scene also felt quite final, leaving me with many unanswered questions for a series that probably won’t receive a second season.


I have yet to read the Manga which from my knowledge is still ongoing, so I am not quite sure if the anime followed the manga or if like many it diverged away from the original content. Overall I did enjoy the anime, however like I said the last episode was just a major let down personally. I would still recommend this anime for anyone who needs a good laugh maybe just skip the finale…. πŸ˜›


-Remi xoxΒ 

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pps. All images via Cutiepie Shu on youtube


2 thoughts on “Kiss Him, Not Me….. My Final Thoughts

  1. I also was severely let down by the finale! they just ended the show very flatly so now I’m curious about the manga. Also, I’m all about team mutsumi-senpai!! I found this show to be highly enjoyable and entertaining! Thanks for sharing! Great post!


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