What I Want for the New Year

With 2016 coming to close it’s that time again where we say goodbye to all that has been, and begin to set ourselves the same 5 new years resolutions that we never complete. Well this is me trying to set myself some realistic goals for the coming year.

  1. Love my body. For years one of my many resolutions was to always lose weight and get toned. I found that this usually lasted about 4 days before I pulled out the chocolate cake and re familiarised myself with the self guilt. Well this year I want to change that. Rather than focusing on my weight, this year I want to learnt to love myself just the way I am, jiggle and all.
  2. Study hard! Well this is one I set every year and probably one of the only resolutions i generally stick to.
  3. SAVE! We all know this one very very well! But this year I want to live within my needs and spend more on experiences rather than just possessions.
  4. Complete at least 2 things of my bucket list. We only live once after all.
  5. Sleep earlier. Now this is a really hard one for me! But this coming year I want to limit my anime binge nights and sleep earlier!
  6. And last but not least! Upload better quality content for all of you!

Well those are my New Years resolutions for the coming year! Lets hope it’s a good one!

-Remi xox

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