My 2016 Anime Favourites

Another year is about to come to a close and as we await for the clock to strike midnight, we begin to reminisce all that was 2016. This year may have been a tough one, with all the violence and drama going on around the world it can often be hard to stop and remember all the good things that 2016 brought. In fact 2016 was in my opinion a fairly decent year for anime. I mean 2016 did bring us Yuri on Ice. So while I sit here by the pool getting ready to bid 2016 goodbye, I thought I would share some of my anime favourites from 2016.

5. Kiss Him, Not Me


Although the ending of this anime was a total let down, I still have to admit it was a really good series. I mean comedy, romance, bishies and of course the many many hilarious fujoshi moments what else could you really ask for!

4. Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress


Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress was definitely a 2016 favourite of mine. Coming out earlier in the year, this anime was there for me during some really tough times. Sounds kinda corny, I know, but I have a feeling this action packed series will always hold a special place in my heart. Plus who doesn’t love a good apocalyptic hero tale.

3. Kiznaiver


Ahhh with its interesting art style, loveable characters and of course its mysterious and yet heart warming story Kiznaiver is one of my top picks for 2016. you are probably sitting there like “why Kiznaiver when there were anime so much better” well thats simple…. Katsuhira! Gaaaaah definitely one of 2016 best male characters in my opinion. He is just so dopey and cute!

2. Shokugenki no Soma: Ni no Sara


With food that looks so good you can almost taste it Shokugenki is 100% one of my favourite anime’s of all time! With all the hilarious moments and mouthwatering food how could it not be!!!!

1. Yuri on Ice


This is probably not a huge surprise as Yuri on Ice was one of the most fan-girled anime’s of the year. So Yep it’s #1 cause well its just that good! Bishies, Ice skating and oh so many glorious fujoshi moments seriously what more do you need!!!

Well thats all for now! Hope you all have a very happy new year! Stay safe! xxx

-Remi xox


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