Final thoughts on Final Fantasy XV

Well I just finished Final Fantasy XV and omg the feels were real! Just a side note this review may contain ****spoilers**** so read at your own risk.

So when I first heard about this game I’ll be honest I wasn’t that excited. After the mediocrity that was Lightnings return, I had little interest in the latest instalment. It wasn’t until after watching both the anime and movie (great marketing idea by the way) that I really even wanted to purchase the game. Well after officially completing the main storyline I can honestly say I LOVED IT! It was as the game said a great game for both new players as well as veteran final fantasy lovers such as myself.

FINAL FANTASY XV_20161124010918

The story was great and in fact was better than I had previously expected, it literally had me in tears! The animations and graphics were just gorgeous, but then again the series is known for its beautiful and enchanting scenery. I really enjoyed riding around in the Regalia, I loved how you were able to listen to all the previous ff soundtracks while cruising to your location. Oh and let me just say that the choice of “Stand by me” at the end was just to perfect, had me tearing up!
The battle mechanics were fun, a little tricky at first but once you get the hang of it they are great. I mean who doesn’t love zipping in and out of battle.


Although the game was awesome overall, you could tell the development team rushed to get it released. The storyline and even the cut scenes felt a little rushed and watered down, and the open world feature felt very limited at times, particularly towards the end of the game. I would have loved to been able to explore more around Tenebrae and The world of ruin so hopefully in the upcoming patches they will include those features. I also would have loved more interaction with the gods they seemed like a fun bunch.


Overall it was a seriously good game! I am never doubting the final fantasy franchise again. This game had me laughing, smiling and on many occasions (especially the ending) had me in tears. I give this game a 8.5/10, it would have been a 10 but the game was just a little to rushed. If you haven’t played this game yet or any of the Final Fantasy franchise I HIGHLY recommend Final Fantasy XV.

-Remi xox



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