Beating the Back to School Blues!


With the holidays coming to a close it’s that dreaded time of year again…… It’s the Back to school season. Ahhhh It’s time to put away the dancing shoes and get back to the hard work. School can be hard, particularly if you hate the units you are taking. So I thought I would share with you a few of my University must haves, that might make school just as little bit more bearable and help you get over those back to school blues.

1.A Cute Bag

A cute bag does wonders when your dreading the classroom. There is nothing better than a great quality bag to get you excited about going to class. I mean who wouldn’t want an excuse to rock an awesome backpack. I got mine from a local market for next to nothing. It’s faux leather and has some cute rose gold hardware, plus it small yet super spacious!

2. The Perfect Pens

When it comes to class you can be absolutely certain that you will need to take notes. You could do this on a laptop, tablet or even your phone, But if your anything like me there is nothing more satisfying than writing down your notes with some really good quality pens. When it comes to a good pen you want something that feels good to grip as well as something that doesn’t lag or clog when you write. A personal favourite of mine is the Ink Joys by Paper Mate. These pens are so good! they may not be the prettiest on the outside but god are they smooth to write with!

3. Cute Workbooks

Just like with the bag, theres nothing like some cute notebooks to motivate you to go to school. I often find that purchasing notebooks that are cute and aesthetically pleasing i get really motivated to get back into the swing of things. Oh and did I mention they don’t even need to cost you an arm and a leg! Places like Kmart and Target make really cute notebooks that you can buy in set of 4-6 for as low as $3!

4. A Great Bottle

School = work and work = dehydration, So the best thing you can do for your body is to purchase a good quality water bottle to help you stay hydrated at school! Plus you can add fruits like berries or lemon to spice up the flavour! I really like these ones from Memobottle, they are shaped like a notebook so they fit perfectly in any bag or case! Plus they are so minimal and completely adorable in my opinion.

5. Stylish Watch

I personally don’t really wear watches anywhere but school. So it’s always a great motivation booster to have a cute watch on hand for those days I just need a reason to go to class, plus they are totally helpful when you need to quickly glance at the time. Well the time isn’t exactly set on my watch yet……… Oh Well! It’s still cute! ;P

6. Change you alarm to music

Do you struggle to wake up in the mornings? Are you always clicking snooze? Well why not change your alarm noise to you favourite upbeat song instead? This is great cause you are hit with some lively beats the moment you wake up! Is there a better way to start a day?

7. Pack yourself a lunch box!

Whats better motivation than food? Well why not pack yourself a bento box? Bento box lunches are super cute and can be super tasty! Plus you feel so kawaii and anime like sitting outside with a bento box! Just add a bishie and you got yourself a shoujo anime brought to life.


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