Dancing with the Clouds

What do you do when you get asked to a free lunch? You throw on a pair of boots and some pretty dresses and you damn well go! I mean who would say no to free food? Not me thats for sure. So when my sister Grace&Coy invited me to the Eureka Sky Deck and lunch at Akachochin I obviously said yes! Only problem was……… I had no idea what to wear! After my recent wardrobe cleanse I was left with little to work with. Thank the heavens my sister is a fashion blogger and styled this outfit or I probably would have just worn a damn paper bag.


Now i’m not gonna lie, when my sister pulled out 2 separate dresses and told me to layer them I was a little unsure. However when I finally had them on together I instantly understood. They just seemed to work!


We paired the outfit with my trusty grey Zu booties, but then again when am I not wearing these comfy babies. They were perfect for walking to and from the cute Japanese restaurant Akachochin. Which by the way was AMAZING! If your in Melbourne and in the mood for some fresh and tasty Japanese food I highly recommend this place.


Oh and if you have time and want to see a view you should definitely check out the Eureka Sky deck, and if your game enough try the edge experience! Trust me it is not an experience for those afraid of heights!


Well thats all for now guys! See ya next time!

Kind Regards

Simply Remi xox




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