Fashion Blogger For A Day


This year I was lucky enough to attend The Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival, and what an experience it was.

To be honest I was never one who was very interested in fashion. Being the sister of fashion blogger Grace&coy  I was conscious of the trends and the latest and greatest designers, but I was never one to do anything with that information. I had my set kinda laid back girly style, and I was happy with it. But man, after my first vamff experience I have a whole new appreciation and newfound interest for fashion.


I attended 2 runways this year. One of which was the Camilla and Marc showcase and damn, let me just say I know what i’m spending my money on this year!

As I was attending the event with my fashion blogger of a sister, I knew my outfit had to be something a little bit different from my usual sneakers and jeans combination. I had to somehow channel a fashion blogger…. oh and maybe beg my sister for some much needed guidance!


After hours of throwing bits a pieces on we finally settled on this layered ensemble.

We layered a simple slip dress over my much loved forever new white button up. I threw on some Witchery pants, grabbed my vintage leather coat and completed the look with my Bardot corset belt and Topshop heels. Frankly I don’t think we did to bad…. considering we had only 2 days to prepare and a very small budget. Let me know what you think? Did we manage to transform me into a fashion blogger for a night?


Well till next time! 

Kind Regards

Simply Remi xox



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