Lazy girl goes to the City

You know those days when you have a million things to do, but all you want to do is just sit in bed and potato all day. Well thats me most days….. To be honest I just want to laze around and watch anime all day everyday! But you know life gets in the way of that. For the days where I just seriously cannot be bothered, you know the ones, I usually just throw on my trusty graphic T and some sneakers.


However some days require a little more effort. So for those days all I simply add is my favourite light rusty pink coat to the mix. The material is super thin and breezy so it’s perfect for those days when its warm but still chilly enough to need sleeves.


I usually finish the outfit with a pair of comfy sneakers. I mean if i’m being busy I might as well be comfortable plus, I feel like the sneakers just help to tie in a sense of street style helping to effortlessly complete the ensemble.


Now to accessorise…… Well who has time for that on one of those days! Gurl I just throw on a pair of shades and shove all my essentials into a backpack!  I mean honestly who can be bothered to do anything else? Ummm not me!


Well thanks for coming by! Till next time x

Kind Regards

Simply Remi xox


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