Rainy Days in Bed

There are just some days when it’s freezing cold outside and it’s raining cats and dogs, So for those days I like to stay in bed with a nice warm class of tea and put on some of my favourites.


Recently I have been watching some new anime goodies! One of which being the brand new Naruto spin off Boruto. Unoriginal name aside, I was blatantly surprised by Boruto.

It’s light hearted comedy and signature ninjutsu action made the series a pretty good watch. With only it’s first two episodes out I feel the anime has a lot of potential. Its light hearted, funny and definitely has all the things Naruto fans originally fell in love with at the beginning of Naruto’s journey.

Boruto in my opinion is going to user forth the new generation of weeaboos, so it’s definitely a must watch this rainy season.

Another anime that has surprised me is Kuzu No Honkai. Now Kuzu No Honkai is a little more mature than Boruto. It’s a anime filled with sex and jealousy, definitely not for the younger audiences but still a good watch.

The animations were really good and the story line just kept getting better and better, leaving you wanting more after each episode.

An anime I’m most excited about this season is the new Fukumenki noise. Fukumenki noise is a manga I have been addicted to since it’s release. When I heard they were creating an anime for it, I almost died from excitement. After watching the first episode yesterday I can honestly say I was not disappointed.

The art was perfect! Sequences flowed well and the voice acting was everything I could have hoped for. Oh and not to mention those music scenes! Fukumenki noise is definitely an anime you need to be watching, I sure know I will be.

Well thats all I’m watching for now, this upcoming season of anime looks hopeful! So grab your comfy pj’s and chuck on some new anime goodies. See you next time!

Kind Regards

Simply Remi xox


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