Star Guardians Assemble!

It has been a hot minute since i’ve made a cosplay and ooh how i’ve missed it. I’m sure many of my fellow cosplayers would agree but there is just something special about curating and putting together your own costumes. So with Supanova Melbourne just around the corner my  best friend Paige and  I couldn’t think of a better excuse to dust off the sewing machines and whip out the  good ole heat gun! And we had just the perfect cosplays in mind!


Ever since Riot released the Star Guardian skins for their game League of Legends we knew we wanted to do cosplays relating to this. I mean who wouldn’t? Badass magical girls with cute and colourful outfits…. Ummm hello where do i sign up?!


The only question for me was Who do I choose?! They were all so cute and and equally awesome! It took me AGES to finally settle on a character and well I think she turned out ass kickingly cool. But then again how could she not! She literally has a song about her bad assery!

Unfortunately you will have to wait a little while longer to see my  final product, as I will instead be sharing how Paige and I put together  her star guardian Lulu cosplay, that she so kindly lent to me for a shoot.


We decided to divide and conquer the costume, she would make the clothing and i would make her cute prop and accessories.


My goal was to make the props spending a little as possible, so I tried to use materials I already owned or could get my hands on fairly cheaply. For the base of the staff I used 2 multipurpose foam  mat that I found in my garage.  I traced a heart on each piece, cut them out and  super glued them together.

Also in my garage I found an old  broom stick, I took off the broom head and viola the staff  for  my prop was ready. I drilled a hole big enough for the broom stick into the bottom of the staff and glued it into place.


The star in the centre of the staff was a huge challenge! I first tried to make it out of craft foam, which was a total fail! I ended  up using my families old wire Christmas star. As it was made of wise the base was easily malleable into a straight piece of wire  making it easy to attach it to the foam heart base, again with super glue. To make  the star solid I stuffed it  with newspaper and sealed it with masking  tape.  I then paper mached both the star and heart base. I sealed  it with some air  dry clay, then primed and  painted  the bad  boy.


Next time I might use fiber glass to seal the piece as the air dry clay started to crack and left a rough surface that was impossible to sand.


To finish the staff I made a blue bow out of some of Paige’s left over material and cut diamonds  out of  craft foam. I painted the foam with gold glitter paint (I ran out of solid gold paint) and  finished the piece by super gluing the pieces to the staff.

Overall I think it was a good  first attempt at large scale prop making, I learnt not to use air dry clay, buy lots of paint and cut foam with a sharp blade!

Stay tuned for many more cosplays to come!

Simply Remi xox




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