Stressed but Super Comfy

pic 1

Well it’s that time of the year again! Time to put the dancing shoes and tequila away, bring out the books and start procrastinating……. Yep it’s exam time and all of my fellow students out there are probably stressed out of their god damn minds! Oh and if they are anything like me they may have left all their final assignments until the very last minute. Whoops!


With all the stress from exams and last minute cramming who can honestly be bothered with putting together an outfit? Definitely not me! So for times like these I like to wear some of my favourite comfy pieces.

pic 3

One of my go to outfits during this exam cram has been my maroon Elwood sweater, my H&M conscious light coat and of course who could forget a good ole pair of leggings. In this holy trinity of clothing I’m always super warm, super comfy and still super stressed….. But at least it makes me feel cute……. right?

pic 4

To finish the outfit off I threw on a pair of sunglasses, prescription of course when you’re basically blind like me, my trusty leather backpack and oh I almost forgot to tell you! You would never believe how much these boots cost me…… $30! Kmart oh how you never fail to disappoint me.


They are a simple black faux leather boot with a small chunky heel. After sister Grace&coy bought a pair last year, I just knew I needed them in my closet and boy am glad I got these babies. They are so comfortable! Definitely a good bang for your buck purchase, and they complete almost any outfit! You will definitely be seeing more of these little suckers.

Well……… time to go procrastinate, good luck on your exams!Β 

Simply Remi xox


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