The Finale That Left Me In Tears!


Another good anime has come to a close and omg it has left me wanting so much more! The last episode of Fukumenkai Noise aired last night and as the final credit rolled I just couldn’t contain the tears. I have long been a mega fan of manga series and seeing it come to life in an anime has been well pretty damn cool.


I loved each and every voice actor they chose and feel they fitted the characters almost perfectly! And the songs well at first I was nervous, I mean how could they ever recreate the melodies we picture in our own minds? Well they pretty much did it! I loved every single song I even found myself singing along! Oh and that final scene had me pretty much in tears, I couldn’t stop them from falling down my face as we heard the characters final words.


Ummmm is it just me or is anyone else dying for a season 2 like….. now?

If  you haven’t seen this anime yet I highly recommend you going to check it out especially if your looking for a good laugh and song kick ass music!

Simply Remi xox



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