I Have No Idea What I Just Watched….

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Pop Team Epic was an anime that came on my radar a few days ago and well, I don’t really know how to explain this series. With only 2 episodes currently out I somehow strangely love all the weirdness that is Pop Team Epic.

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Now I don’t know much about this anime yet but from what I could tell I think it was based on a 4 cell comic? I mean to be honest who knows, this anime is just a giant meme. Yep a meme! Everything about this anime is a meme from the art style to the pop culture references, Pop team epic is just one big glorious meme……. and honestly it is amazing. With no direct or constant storyline this series at first does not make any sense at all and for most of the episode you end up playing a game of guess that reference. I mean to put it simply even the staff and the creator himself warned fans “its going to be shitty and you’ll like it”…………. Oh you didn’t read that wrong, the creator said that.

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I mean this anime is so random that the episodes repeat themselves. Yep repeats itself, the only difference is the voice acting! same characters, same settings, same storyline…. Well if you could even call it that.

Untitled design (1) copyUntitled design (1) copy

To put it simply even though Pop Team Epic is basically what you would imagine being on crack is like. It’s pretty good. The randomness of this anime is refreshing and definitely funny. Sometimes it’s so random you just can’t help but laugh. It is definitely a great break from your traditional anime. Plus you know what they say laughter is a cure for the soul.

If your looking for something funny to pass the time or are in desperate need of a good laugh then check out Pop Team Epic. It’s shitty but you’ll like it.

Simply Remi xoxo


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