A Last Minute DIY Christmas Gift Idea For Any Anime Lover!

A last minute gift idea that would make any otaku happy.....


Yandere-chan’s Formidable Props

Just like in your everyday outfits the accessories you wear can make or break your cosplay. Any cosplayer will tell you that a good prop can take your costume to the next level. However these props can cost hundreds to buy and even make. And props such as swords and knives might not be suitable for events with lots of people around. So when making my Yandere-chan costume, i decided that the costume alone wasn't enough to complete the overall cosplay. I needed props. Yandere-chan is often pictured with a knife and a love letter. The love letter is harmless enough, but i'm sure no one wants to be running around on Halloween or a convention with a sharp and dangerous knife. So i decided to make my own and spend nothing while doing so. You can make your own to, from things you probably already have lying around. Here's how: