Atelier Iris – My Rekindled Addiction!


So i have been a little distracted this week. I had planned to start of my Weeaboo Christmas series, but… lets just say i have been little preoccupied. Whats go you so caught up you ask? Well let me take you back to 2005. Back when our radios blasted the Pussycat Dolls and we were introduced to the hell that was the Desperate Housewives. Well for me 2005 was the year my Dad bought me my first ever Video game. Now i had played games before that, but this time was special because it was my very own game, not one of my friends or cousins. It was mine. The game I received that year was Atelier Iris: Eternal Mana. The very first step in my very long addiction to Video games.

Atelier Isis: Eternal Mana is an RPG game on the Playstation 2 by Japanese developer Gust. The game is set in the kingdom of Regallzine, where Alchemists and Mana work together to perform Alchemy. Atelier Iris is a game where you fight against fate and save the world all while making cute and funny friends along the way.

Image result for atelier iris eternal mana

My first experience with this game was like an instant addiction. After delving into the captivating story of protagonist Klein and heroin Lita i can honestly say i was left wanting more. I pretty much played Atelier Iris for a week straight. I played all day and all night, well as long as an 11 year old was allowed to play for. The game basically took over my life for that week…. Until i came across one of the hardest boss fights in the game. I was stuck. For months i played that game and for months i failed to crack it. Then one day i came into the living room to find my Atelier Iris game chewed to pieces by my teething terrier puppy. Needless to say i was never able to complete the game, however i was hooked.

A few months later the second game in series, Aterlier Iris: The Azoth of Destiny was released. I bought it and played it and finished it as with the third and final installment in the Atelier Iris series. But even after finishing the next two games i always regretted not finishing the first, but by the time i was able to buy it again for myself, they had already stopped being made. So getting my hands on a new copy were next to impossible.

Image result for atelier iris eternal mana

Now jump 11 years later back to the present. I had since bought, played and finished the next few Atelier games, and even replayed a few of the older ones. But with my obsessive personality each completion still felt incomplete. And then on one of the best days ever my boyfriend surprised me with a brand new sealed copy of the game!

So basically for the past week I have been playing and completing the game. But do not worry business will be back to usual next week! And if you love RPG’s, want a killer story and have some time to kill, i recommend checking out the Atelier Series. Even though the older games are harder to come by the new atelier series are great games by themselves. Oh and did i mention there has been an Anime made based on it!

Let me know if you want a more in depth review on the series!

  – See ya next week! Remi xoxo


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